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Not long ago. Not far away.

“It happened,
therefore it can happen again:
this is the core of what we have to say.
It can happen, and it can happen everywhere”

Primo Levi, Auschwitz survivor

1,100,000 people

Women, men and children

Jews, Poles, Roma, Soviet POWs

enslaved, tortured and murdered by Nazi Germany

in a modern factory of death

it happened in the heart of Europe.

Not long ago. Not far away.

For the first time

A travelling exhibition on Auschwitz

and the historical and human repercussions

of the Holocaust and genocide.

700 original artifacts

a story to shake the conscience of the world

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Not long ago. Not far away.

Hosting the Auschwitz Exhibition at Union Station was an immense point of pride for the Kansas City community.

It hosted a total of 318,104 attendees over 279 days. In addition, the Auschwitz Digital Exhibition brought in 55,767 unique users from 127 countries who viewed the site 75,801 times.

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